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Common Names


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  adderstongue, northern adderstongue, southern    

Adam's needle alder, smooth all-heal
American beech American black elderberry American chaffseed
American hollyAmerican strawberryAmerican water horehound anemone, wood
arrow arum arrowhead, broadleaf arrowhead, Engelmann's arrowhead, slender
arrowwood arrowwood, mapleleaf artichoke, Jerusalem

asphodel, bog asphodel, false aster, annual saltmarsh aster, perennial saltmarsh
aster, Eastern silvery aster, sickle-leaved aster, slender aster, New York
azalea, dwarf azalea, swamp or clammy


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bamboo vine Barrett's sedge bartonia, twisted bartonia, yellow

bayberry, northern bayberry, southern beechdrops

beach plumbeach tomatobearberry beardgrass, bushy
bee balm, spotted beech, American bellwort, pine-barren Bethlehem, star of
birch, river bittersweet, oriental bittercress, hairy blackberry, Pennsylvania
bladderwort, fibrous bladderwort, geminiscapa bladderwort, horned bladderwort, purple
bladderwort, reversed or reclined bladderwort, swollen    
blazing star, grass leaved blazing star, hairy    
blue curls blue curls, narrow leaf    
blue eyed grass blue eyed grass, eastern    
blue flag, larger blue flag, slender    
blueberry, high bush blueberry, early lowbush blueberry, late lowbush blueberry, New Jersey
bluet, azure      
bog asphodel      
boneset, hyssop-leaved boneset, pine barrens boneset, roundleaf boneset, rough
bouncing bet broom crowberry
bulrush bulrush, sturdy bulrush, softstem bur-reed
butter and eggs butterflyweed buttonbush buttonweed, rough




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cancer-root, American cardinal flower cassandra
catalpa catchfly, Pennsylvania or sticky cattail
cedar, Atlantic white cedar, Eastern red cedar, running chamomile, corn

chaffseed, American cherry, black chestnut, American chickweed, common
chicory childings pink chokeberry, black chokeberry, red
cigar tree cinquefoil, common cinquefoil, dwarf cinquefoil, sulfur
clammy azalea  clubmoss, fan clover, small hops clover, sweet yellow
coastal violet, northerncockleburr, rough
colicroot cordgrass, smooth coreopsis, rose or pink
cornsalad, beaked cotton-grass, tawny cotton-grass, Virginia

cowbane, slender-leaved cow-wheat
cranberry, American cranefly orchid cranesbill creeper, Virginia

cucumber, Indian cudweed curly dock curly grass fern


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dandelion, dwarf dangleberry Asiatic dayflower deadnettle henbit
deadnettle, purple death camas, pine barrens deptford pink dock, curly
dewberry, bristly    
dewberry, northern dodder

dogbane, spreading dogtooth violet    
dragon, green dragon's mouth orchid

dropseed, Torrey's



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elder-berry, common or sweet evening-primrose, common evening-primrose, cut-leaved


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false asphodel false foxglove, purple feverwort
fern, cinnamonfern, curly-grassfern, ladysfern, marsh
fern, royalfern, sensitive
fetterbush flypoison

fleabane, saltmarsh floating little heart fringetree, white frostweed


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gentain, pine-barren    
geranium, cut-leaf geranium, wild or spotted  
gerardia, pine-barren gerardia, seaside

golden aster, Maryland golden aster, sickle-leaved golden club golden-crest

golden hedge hyssop goldenrod, anise or sweet scented
goldenrod, downy
goldenrod, gray
goldenrod, white goldstar goldenrod, seaside goldenrod, Canada
  goldenrod, tall      

grape, fox grape, summer grass pink orchid green dragon
grease grass      
greenbrier, catgreenbrier, laurel-leavedgreenbrier, roundleaf  
ground-nutgroundpinegroundsel bush

gum, sour or black


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Handsome Harryharebell hawkweed, vein-leaved harvestbells
heather, beachheather, pine barrenshedgehyssop, goldenhedgehyssop, shaggy
  helmet flower hempweed, climbing hempweed, Indian henbit deadnettle

high tide bush hickory, mockernut holly, American holly, inkberry

honeysuckle, trumpet honeysuckle, Japanese honeysuckle, swamp
horehound, American water horsemint horsetail

huckleberry, black huckleberry, blue huckleberry, dwarf  
  hyssop skullcap hyssopleaved thoroughwort  


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Indian cigar
Indian cucumberIndian-pipeIndian tobacco Indian turnip
indigo, wild

inkberry ipecac-spurge iris, slender blue

ironweed, broadleaf ironweed, New York



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Jack in the pulpit jewelweed Johnny-jump up
joint vetch, sensitive


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king devil knapweed, spotted


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lady's slipper, pink

lady's-tresses, fragrant
lady's-tresses, little lady's-tresses, nodding lady's-tresses, slender

laurel, great laurel, mountain laurel, sheep lavender, sea or thrift
lily, tiger lily, trout lily, turk's-cap lily of the valley
  lobelia, Boykin's lobelia, Canby's lobelia, downy lobelia, Nuttall's

locust, bristly

loosestrife, purple
lupine, wild



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magnolia, Sweet Bay or Swampmaleberrymallow, saltmarshmallow, swamp rose
maple, red/swamp   
marsh st. johnswortmarsh eldermayapplemayflower, Canada
meadow beauty, awned meadow beauty, Maryland meadow beauty, Virginia meadow hawkweed

mermaid-weed, cut-leaved meadow rue

milkweed, commonmilkweed, swamp
milkwort, cross-leaved milkwort, Nuttall's milkwort, orange milkwort, racemed

milkwort, short-leaved mistletoe, American or oak money plant

morning-glory, Pickering's motherwort mountain laurel

muhly, New Jersey mullein, common mullein, moth
myrtle myrtle, sand myrtle, wax


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never wet nutrush, slender


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oak, black
oak, black-jack
oak, chestnut
oak, post
oak, scrub oak, spanish or southern red oak, water oak, white

oak, willow orache
orange grass
orchid, bicolor bog orchid, crested yellow orchid, green woodland orchid, ragged fringed

orchid, showy orchid, southern yellow fringeless orchid, white fringed orchid, yellow fringed


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pansy, European fieldpansy, fieldpartridge-berry partridge pea, sensitive
parrot feather    
pea, partridgepea, perennialpea, sweet or everlasting
pear, common pencil flower Pennsylvania sedge
periwinkle, greater periwinkle, lesser persimmon
phlox, moss pickerelweed

pine, ground pine, loblolly pine, pitch pine, princess

pine, scrub pine, short leaf
pine, Virginia  
pinesap pineweed    
pink, saltmarsh pink tickseed pink, wild pinxter flower
pipewort, flattenedpipewort, Parker's pipewort, sevenangle pipewort, tenangle
pitcher-plant, hoodedpitcher-plant, purplepitcher-plant, trumpet
plantain, Virginia 
plum, beach    
poison ivypoison sumacpoison oak pokeweed

pond lily, white
pond lily, yellow poplar, yellow or tulip  
possomhawpotato vine privet, borderpussytoes

prickly pear cactus pyxie moss


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Queen Anne's lace


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ragwort, woolly rattlesnake weed ragweed, annual

rattlesnake master rattlesnake plantain rattlesnake root, pine barrens rattlesnake-weed
reedgrass, pine barren red root  reed, common
rice, wild

rose, multiflora rose pogonia rose, rugosa


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sassafras St. Andrew's Cross    

St. John's-wort, Canada St. John's-wort, coppery St. John's-wort, marsh St. Peter's-wort
sabatia, lance-leaved
salt haysand-myrtlesandwort, pine barren
saltmarsh fleabane saltmarsh mallow saltmarsh pink  
screwstem, twining screwstem, Virginia scarlet creeper  
sedge, bull or button sedge, Pennsylvania sedge, three way  
serviceberry serviceberry, Canada  
shadbushsheep laurelsheep sorrel
skullcap, hyssopskunk cabbage
sleeping plantsmartweed, dotttedsoapwort

Solomon's seal, smooth Solomon's seal, false; Solomon's plume Solomon's seal, starry false sowthistle, spiny
spatterdock spikenard, false spindleroot spleenwort, ebony
spear saltbush spurge, cypress spring draba
spring beauty, Virginiasquawrootstaggerbushstar-flower
starry false Solomon's Seal steeplebush sticky tofieldia strawberry, wild
striped prince's pine storksbill

sumac, dwarf sumac, shining sumac, winged

sundew, round-leaved sundew, spatulate-leaved sundew, thread leaf sunflower, giant
swamp azalea swamp candles swamp honeysuckle swamp loosestrife
swamp magnoliaswamp pinkswamp rose mallow
sweet-everlasting sweet-fern sweet gum sweet pepper bush

sweetscent sweetspire, Virginia


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teaberry tearthumb, halberd-leaved tansy
thistle, field
thistle, yellowthoroughwort, hyssopleaved
tickseed, pink ticktrefoil, smooth ticktrefoil, panicledleaved
toadflax, bastard toadflax, blue toadflax, Canada toadflax, old field
toadflax, star toadflax, yellow touch-me-not, spotted tree of heaven

trailing arbutus trefoil, birdsfoot trout lily
trumpet creeper tresses, marsh ladys or sweet
tuckahoe tuliptree, tulip poplar tupelo turkeybeard
turtlehead, white turnip, Indian twayblade, lily leaved twayblade, Loesell's

twayblade, southern


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unicorn root



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venus looking glassvervain, narrowleaf vetch, crown vetch, cow or bird

violet, birdfoot violet, brittons or coast violet, common blue violet, small white

violet, dog-toothed violet, lance-leaved violet, prim-rose leaved violet, sand
  virgin's bower viper's bugloss    

Virginia creeper Virginia plantain Virginia sweetspire or willow


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water-lily, white or fragrant water shield water willow Wherry
willdenow, Croton'swintergreen or striped prince's pinewintergreen or teaberrywitherod, naked
woodsorrel, violet wild bean, trailing
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yam, wildyarrow, common yellow star grass

yellow eyed grass, bog yellow eyed grass, Carolina yellow-eyed grass, slender yellow eyed grass, Small's



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