Rosa rugosa
rugosa rosa; beach tomato

Rosa rugosa
Rosa rugosa
white form- Photo Courtesy Renee Brecht
USDA Plants Database
Botanical name: Rosa rugosa
Common name: rugosa rosa; beach tomato
Group: dicot
Family: Rosaceae
Growth type: subshrub
Duration: perennial
Origin: introduced from Asia
Plant height: 4 - 6'
Foliage: glossy, deep green, with a "wrinkled" appearance (rugosa)
pinnately compound leaf comprised of 5-9 leaflets, generally 7; alternate; serrate margins, glabrous above and pubescent underneath.
Flower: generally pink, with forms ranging from white to yellow or purple. Sold as an ornamental.
The fruit looks like clusters of cherry tomatoes and are edible. 2-1/2"-3-1/2" across
Flowering time: bloom late May to late June; fruits September
Habitat: open, often sandy ground of ocean beaches, roadside
Range in New Jersey: Coastal Plain coast strip
Heritage ranking, if any: n/a
Misc. R. rugosa hybridizes easily, and is fairly resistant to rose diseases such as rose rust and black spot. It also tolerates ocean salt spray.