Eriocaulon aquaticum 
sevenangle pipewort

Eriocaulon aquaticum
Eriocaulon aquaticum
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Britton & Brown
Botanical name: Eriocaulon aquaticum (Hill) Druce 
Common name: sevenangle pipewort
Synonomy: Eriocaulon septangulare
Eriocaulon pellucidum Michx.
Group: monocot
Family: Eriocaulaceae
Growth type: forb/herb
Duration: perennial
Origin: native
Plant height: 1 - 10"
Foliage: basal rosette, leaves grasslike, 1/2"-4" long; very sharply pointed. Heads on 5-7 ribbed stalks
Flower: tiny white flowers in buttonlike flowerhead 1/8" to 3/8" across; heads round, soft and easily compressed.
Flowering time: July to September
Habitat: shallow fresh water, sandy, peaty, sphagnous shores, bogs
Range in New Jersey: most of the state
Heritage ranking, if any: n/a
Misc. Compound of Greek erion, wool, and caulos, a stalk, from the woool at the base of the scape in the original species (Fernald, 390).

Stone, in 1910, notes that this plant is found "Ponds and bogs of the Pine Barrens and locally in lakes of the northern counties. This species is subject to great variation in size and character of foliage according to habitat.In submerged specimens the leaves become well developed, nearly or a quite a foot with scapes about as long. In others the leaves reach only half the length of the scape, while plants on the edge of a pond or bog are often only 75-100mm in height, with leaves 25mm long, exceedingly dwarfed specimens reaching a height of only 25-50 mm." (p 324)