Polygala polygama
Racemed milkwort

Polygala polygama
Polygala polygama
Photo Courtesy Renee Brecht
Britton & Brown
Botanical name: Polygala polygama
Common name: Racemed milkwort
Group: dicot
Family: Polygalaceae
Growth type: forb/herb
Duration: biennial
Origin: native
Plant height: 4 - 12"
Foliage: small, alternate leaves
Flower: pink to lavender, in one sided racemes; cleistogamous flowers
Flowering time: early June to late July, occasionally later
Habitat: dry sandy ground; sandy woods and clearings
Range in New Jersey: Middle district, rare in the Pine Barrens
Heritage ranking, if any: S2
Misc. USDA lists as an upland obligate species in our region: Occurs in wetlands in another region, but occurs almost always (estimated probability 99%) under natural conditions in non-wetlands in the regions specified. If a species does not occur in wetlands in any region, it is not on the National List.