Galearis spectabilis
showy orchid

Galearis spectabilis
Galearis spectabilis
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Britton & Brown
Botanical name: Galearis spectabilis
Common name: showy orchid
Group: monocot
Family: Orchidaceae
Growth type: forb/herb
Duration: perennial
Origin: native
Plant height: 5-12"
Foliage: 2 leaves, narrowly oval, wider toward tip (egg shaped)
Flower: up to 5 on terminal races; up to 1" long, pink or white on hood; lip white
Flowering time: bloom early May to late June; Fruit to late September
Habitat: rich, moist soil of woods, shaded streamsides & slopes
Range in New Jersey: throughout north Jersey and the Inner Coastal Plain
Heritage ranking, if any: n/a