Impatiens capensis
jewelweed or spotted touch-me-not

Impatiens capensis
Impatiens capensis

Impatiens capensis
Impatiens capensis
Photos, Jane Morton Galetto
Britton & Brown
Botanical name: Impatiens capensis
Common name:

jewelweed or spotted touch-me-knot

Group: dicot
Family: Balsaminaceae
Growth type: forb/herb
Duration: perennial
Origin: native
Plant height: to 4 -1/2'
Foliage: alternate, petiolate, glabrous; shallowly toothed
Flower: 5 petals, but fusion makes it appear to have 3; orange-yellow. Occasionally more yellow or more red. The capsules explode when touched (dehiscent), hence the name "touch-me-not"
Flowering time: May to October
Habitat: moist ground, low woods, stream banks
Range in New Jersey: statewide
Heritage ranking, if any: n/a
Misc. Jewelweed is often touted as a folk medicinal treatment for poison ivy rash and other skin irritations.