Geranium dissectum
cutleaf geranium, cranesbill

Geranium dissectum
Geranium dissectum
photo, Renee Brecht
Britton & Brown
Botanical name: Geranium dissectum
Common name: cutleaf geranium, cranesbill
Group: dicot
Family: Geraniaceae
Growth type: forb/herb
Duration: annual; biennial
Origin: introduced
Plant height: up to 24"
Foliage: leaves cut almost to base, 5 to 7 lobes
Flower: pink flowers with 5 notched petals, 2 per stalk; up to 1/2"
Flowering time: late spring/early summer
Habitat: roadsides, weedy places
Range in New Jersey: undetermined
Heritage ranking, if any: n/a