Nature Around Us Column

CU and SNJ Today are collaborating to explore topics which may be of interest to their readership. The resulting articles have been appearing in Nature Around Us and in their Feature section. We are especially impressed by SNJ Today’s curiosity about our region’s natural wonders and their interest in reporting good news about our area! If you would like to see full online copies of their weekly paper SNJ Today click here.

Articles are listed by topic and then alphabetically. Simply click on an article name to view it.

Topics Article Name Date Published

CU Maurice River

About CU Maurice River What is CU Maurice River? 08/22/18
Annual Volunteer Awards CU Maurice River Volunteers 11/28/18
Annual World Series of Birding May 2019 World Series… Baseball? No, but the 2019 World Series of Birding 05/22/19
Corporate Stewardship Program Get Your Green On 01/23/19
CU Maurice River / Millville's Wildlife Garden Garden Party 05/29/19
DAR Conservation Award Dave and Sue Fenili Earn DAR Award for Leadership in Conservation 12/5/18
Wild and Scenic Federal Designation 25 Years of Wild and Scenic 09/5/18

Cultural History Sense of Place

Maurice River Origins of Names of Local Rivers Misty Maurice River 10/10/18


Eastern Box Turtle The Box Turtle 11/7/18
Eastern cottontail prolific breeders Cottontail 05/1/19
Eastern Gray Squirrel Nutty or Wise? 12/26/18
Great horned owl Who Gives a Hoot? 02/6/19
Horseshoe crab Miracle Workers 05/15/19
Osprey recovery Ospreys Back From the Brink 04/3/19
Purple Martin Staging Area Maurice River View Purple Martins 08/1/18
Screech Owls Saucer-Eyed Tenants 03/6/19
Snow geese Snow Geese 01/9/19
Virginia Opossum Oh-Possum 11/21/18
Walkingstick Stick Figures 05/8/19
White-Footed Mouse & Christmas Chris Mouse 12/19/18
White-tailed Deer Deer Me! 10/31/18
Wild Turkeys Let’s Talk Turkey 11/14/18
Wildlife and Lead Poisoning Deadly Lead 02/20/19


Autumn Foliage Shades of Autumn 10/3/18
Jewelweed, Impatiens capensis A Gem or Weed? 06/12/19
Spahagnum Moss Marvelous Moss 12/12/18


Adding Native Plants to Your Garden TransGarden 04/17/19
Backyard Habitat Eat Like a Bird 02/13/19
Biodiversity Two Places, One Planet 01/30/19
Dead Trees as Habitat Wanted Dead or Alive 10/17/18
Exotic Animals and Plants Exotic Animals and Plants 04/10/19
Maurice River Wetlands Don’t Drain the Swamp 10/24/18
Siting Wind and Solar Power Alternative Energy – Location, Location, Location 06/5/19
WheatonArts Annual EcoFair CU At the WheatonArts Ecofair 04/24/19
Wild Rice Marshes Fall Feast 09/26/18

Natural History

Website Seasonal Natural History Calendar Eventful August 08/29/18

Recreational Opportunities

Bayshore Heritage Byway- A NJ Scenic Byway What’s Your Sign? 01/16/19
CU's First Hike of New Year Kickoff Hike 01/2/19
Fieldtrips with CU Tuesdays on the Fly 2019 02/28/19
Walking Out-of-Doors is Therapeutic Go Take a Hike 03/27/19
WheatonArts Nature Trail A Good Trail Mix 09/19/18


Plastics litter oceans Bottom Dwellers 03/20/19
Riparian Buffers Riparian Buffers 03/13/19
Watershed Defined What is a Watershed? 09/12/18