The Great Outdoors

CU and SNJ Today are collaborating to explore topics which may be of interest to their readership. The resulting articles have been appearing in The Great Outdoors and in their Feature section. We are especially impressed by SNJ Today’s curiosity about our region’s natural wonders and their interest in reporting good news about our area! If you would like to see full online copies of their weekly paper SNJ Today click here.

Articles are listed by topic and then alphabetically. Simply click on an article name to view it.

Topics Article Name Date Published

‌CU Maurice River

15th Annual Ah Why Knot Awards Outdoor Advocates 08/19/20
16th Annual Ah Why Knot Ah Why Knot 05/12/21
About CU Maurice River What is CU Maurice River? 08/22/18
Annual Volunteer Awards CU Maurice River Volunteers 11/28/18
Annual World Series of Birding May 2019 World Series… Baseball? No, but the 2019 World Series of Birding 05/22/19
Corporate Stewardship Program Get Your Green On 01/23/19
CU Maurice River / Millville's Wildlife Garden Garden Party 05/29/19
DAR Conservation Award Dave and Sue Fenili Earn DAR Award for Leadership in Conservation 12/5/18
Watershed Defined What is a Watershed? 09/12/18
Wild and Scenic Federal Designation 25 Years of Wild and Scenic 09/5/18
World Series of Birding 2021 For The Birds 04/28/21

Aquatic Creatures

Black Drum Fish Drum Run 04/14/21
Blue Crab NJ DE Bayshore Coastal Delicacy 07/3/19
Catfish & recipe A Catfish Story 07/22/20
Horseshoe crab Miracle Workers 05/15/19
Lined Seahorse Diligent Dads 06/16/21
Magnificent Bryozoan (Pectinatella magnifica) Magnificent Blob 11/13/19
Sturgeon, Maurice River, Bayside A Tree, A Boy and A Fish 09/4/19


American goldfinch Golden Glory 08/11/21
Backyard Birdwatching in Winter Sitting Pretty 01/27/21
Belted kingfisher Angler from the Sky 02/26/20
Bird Nest Design A Bird’s Real Estate 07/1/20
Black Skimmers Glide and Scoop 07/29/20
D. Sibley's book, "What It's Like to Be a Bird" Bird Sensibility 12/2/20
Eagle Festival & NJ Eagle Recovery Eagle Eyes 01/22/20
Great horned owl Who Gives a Hoot? 02/6/19
Green Heron Small But Mighty 03/24/21
Nesting Wild Turkey A Turkey Tale 11/27/19
Osprey recovery Ospreys Back From the Brink 04/3/19
Osprey Spring Arrivals You Can’t Cancel Spring 04/1/20
Purple Martin Staging Area Maurice River View Purple Martins 08/1/18
Re-establishing Bluebirds True Blue 05/6/20
Screech Owls Saucer-Eyed Tenants 03/6/19
Shorebird Migration Species Declines A Shore Thing 05/26/21
Shorebird Migration/ Horseshoe Crab Spawing At a Distance 05/20/20
Snow geese Snow Geese 01/9/19
Turkey Vultures and cohorts Vulture Culture 02/19/20
Waterfowl Facts Quack this Way 01/29/20
White-breasted nuthatch clutch Special Delivery 06/2/21
Wild Turkey Defense Mechanisms Talking Turkey 07/7/21
Wild Turkeys Let’s Talk Turkey 11/14/18
Wild Turkeys In Fall & Winter The Wild Ones 11/18/20
Wood Duck Nesting Wood Ducks 06/17/20
Wood Warblers- S. Jersey Wood Warblers 10/14/20
Young Osprey First Flights Flights of Fancy 07/17/19

Cultural History Sense of Place

'Possum drop- A twist on New Years Taxidermy Tale 12/24/19
Art Plays a Role in Conservation Art Enlightens 03/11/20
Burcham Farm Last Diked Farm Maurice River 06/26/19
Culture In Animals How We Learn: Tools of a Culture 09/15/21
Down Jersey Cultural Engagement Down Jersey 02/17/21
Holly Farm Memories by Dan Fenton, Jr. Holly Wood in the Pines 03/31/21
Ice In Our Time When Ice Was King 02/3/21
Maurice River Origins of Names of Local Rivers Misty Maurice River 10/10/18
New Year's Eve Are You Dropping the Ball? 12/23/20
Origins of the Jersey Devil Devilish Detour? 10/30/19
Patterned Brick Homes Southern NJ Historic Gems 04/15/20
Stretch Garrison, Local Folklore Truth or Stretch 03/10/21
Sturgeon, Maurice River, Bayside A Tree, A Boy and A Fish 09/4/19
Underground Railroad Delaware Bayshore Springboard to Freedom 06/10/20
Ye Greate Street & Tea Burning Monument, Greenwich, NJ Ye Greate Street, Greenwich, NJ 04/22/20

Environmental Protection Issues

Connecting Habitats Across NJ CHANJ 07/21/21
Ghost Traps Kill Animals Save a Terrapin 11/20/19
Selecting A Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree 12/4/19
Shorebird decline 2021 - Stop Killing Horseshoe Crabs A Knotty Problem 06/23/21
Wildlife and Lead Poisoning Deadly Lead 02/20/19


Acorns; from humble beginnings grows a mighty oak From an Acorn 09/25/19
Allelopathy And Past Land Use Detective Games 06/19/19
American Beech Hanging On 10/23/19
Autumn Foliage Shades of Autumn 10/3/18
Cranberries Pass the Sauce 11/25/20
Golden-club, orontium aquaticum Spring Prizes 04/8/20
Goldenrod Nothing to Sneeze At 09/11/19
Indian Pipe - Monotropa uniflora Indian Pipe 10/7/20
Invasive Clematis terniflora Sweet Autumn? 09/16/20
Jewelweed, Impatiens capensis A Gem or Weed? 06/12/19
Mistletoe - Phoradendron leucarpum Kiss and Tell 12/9/20
Native Plants and Roadsides Roadside Vistas 07/14/21
Persimmon - Diospyros virginiana Pucker Up 12/16/20
Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) Sweet Memories 03/25/20
Spahagnum Moss Marvelous Moss 12/12/18
Sweet pepperbush Clethra alnifolia 08/26/20
Typha/Cattails Cattails and “Crooks” 07/8/20

Fungus ● Lichen ● Allies

Mycelium - mushrooms What Lies Beneath 11/4/20
Turkey Tail Fungus - trametes versicolor A Thanksgiving Tail 11/11/20
Usnea lichen Bearded One 09/30/20


Adding Native Plants to Your Garden TransGarden 04/17/19
Backyard Habitat Eat Like a Bird 02/13/19
Biodiversity Two Places, One Planet 01/30/19
Dead Trees as Habitat Wanted Dead or Alive 10/17/18
Exotic Animals and Plants Exotic Animals and Plants 04/10/19
Importance of snow White Christmas 12/18/19
Maurice River Wetlands Don’t Drain the Swamp 10/24/18
Monofilament Mind Your Line 07/31/19
Nature's Best Hope, a book by Douglas Tallamy Native Focus 07/15/20
Preserving the Holly Farm in Millville NJ Sharing the Wealth 12/11/19
Siting Wind and Solar Power Alternative Energy – Location, Location, Location 06/5/19
WheatonArts Annual EcoFair CU At the WheatonArts Ecofair 04/24/19
Wild Rice Marshes Fall Feast 09/26/18

Insects and Cohorts

Acrobat ants, insects in nature Ant Amnesty 03/18/20
Assassin or Wheel Bug Beware of this Bug 09/23/20
Chiggers Having a Party? A Chiggers Gala 08/7/19
Cicada Killer Cicada Killer 09/9/21
Cicadas Brood X Cue the Chorus 04/21/21
Common Buckeye The Common Beauty 09/18/19
Dragonflies Dragons and Damsels 08/5/20
Dung beetles Every Day is Labor Day 09/1/21
Fireflies - Lightning Bugs Night Light 08/12/20
Insects Specialists Native Plants Butterfly Basics 05/27/20
Mosquito Prevention/ Life History Pesky Mosquitoes 08/14/19
Phantom Crane Fly (getting children out-of-doors) Phantom On the Trail 07/10/19
Red admiral butterflies Red Admiral 06/30/21
Spider webs Designs on Spooky 10/9/19
Tiger swallowtail Nature’s Mimics 08/25/21
Walkingstick Stick Figures 05/8/19


Invasive earthworms Real Can of Worms 08/4/21
Terrestrial Snails A Snail’s Pace 08/18/21


A chipmunk's abode Let’s Get Cheeky 10/2/19
American Beaver -castor canadensis Busy Beavers 01/20/21
Bats Halloween Icon 10/16/19
Eastern cottontail prolific breeders Cottontail 05/1/19
Eastern Gray Squirrel Nutty or Wise? 12/26/18
Eastern Moles A Dog Named Blue 07/28/21
Exploring Scat The Real Poop 05/5/21
Gray Fox Sly as a Fox 02/10/21
Groundhogs Winter… into Spring 03/17/21
North American River Otter A Hobnob With Otters 02/24/21
Skunks Raising a Stink 08/28/19
Virginia Opossum Oh-Possum 11/21/18
White-Footed Mouse & Christmas Chris Mouse 12/19/18
White-tailed Deer Deer Me! 10/31/18
White-tailed deer communication In the Mood 11/6/19

Natural History

Website Seasonal Natural History Calendar Eventful August 08/29/18

Recreational Opportunities

Bayshore Heritage Byway- A NJ Scenic Byway What’s Your Sign? 01/16/19
Bayshore Heritage National Scenic Byway National Recognition 03/3/21
Cox Creek WMA & Cape May Peninsula Migratory Funnel Funnel of Fun, Cox Creek WMA 04/29/20
CU's First Hike of New Year Kickoff Hike 01/2/19
Fieldtrips with CU Tuesdays on the Fly 2019 02/28/19
NJ's Long Trail On the Trail 01/13/21
Open Space Use Increases During Pandemic Solace in the Storm 06/3/20
Using binoculars Focus on ‘Binocs’ 04/7/21
Walking Out-of-Doors is Therapeutic Go Take a Hike 03/27/19
WheatonArts Nature Trail A Good Trail Mix 09/19/18

Reptiles and Amphibians

Black rat snake A Bit of Black Magic 10/28/20
Eastern Box Turtle The Box Turtle 11/7/18
Frogs - Winter Survival Freeze Frame 03/4/20
Frogs and their calls The Dating Game 05/12/20
Ghost Traps Kill Animals Save a Terrapin 11/20/19
Red Belly Turtle Brumation Red Bellied Turtles, Surviving Winter 01/15/20

Water Quality

Mercury - Dragonfly Sampling Mercury Study 08/21/19
Plastics litter oceans Bottom Dwellers 03/20/19
Riparian Buffers Riparian Buffers 03/13/19
Urban eco-landscape WheatonArts Circle Oasis 05/19/21
Water Quality and Conservation- Restoration Watershed Moment 09/9/20