Film Productions

Glenn Rudderow - Reflections of a Bayshore Painter

This Emmy Award winning film explores artist Glenn Rudderow’s passion for southern New Jersey’s Delaware Bayshore landscape. His exquisite works capture the beauty of the marshlands and the areas historic homes, farmhouses, and other architecture. His story unfolds around the creation of a painting that explores his family’s deep roots in Southern NJ.

Bayshore Artists - Don Friel, Belva Prycl, Glenn Rudderow, Pat Witt

Down Jersey

This NJN (New Jersey Network) film explores the portions of Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem Counties that constitute the Delsea Region of the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route. Quaint villages, extensive salt marshes and winding tidal creeks, vegetable farms and fruit orchards, and occupations such as fishing, glass blowing, and boat building all combine to create the distinctive cultural landscape of South Jersey along the Delaware Bay.

The half-hour “Down Jersey” film evolved from a special study of the region by the National Park Service that looked at the 300-year history of the interrelationships between man and nature.

Down Jersey (Short Version)

This is an abbreviated version of the 30-minute Down Jersey film. It is a great way to show folks the heritage of the South Jersey Delaware Bayshore region when time is limited. It was created for use in visitor centers, kiosks, and the like.

Cumberland Cornucopia

In this half-hour show that is part of the Fresh! series, show host Megan Gunning Patterson heads to Cumberland County in South Jersey in search of fresh, nutritious and delicious local produce, seafood and garden products. She visits Sheppard Farms and the organic Jersey Legacy Farms, tours the Eastern Fresh Distribution Center, learns about nursery products at Overdevest Nurseries, shops and dines at the Bayshore Center’s Farmers Market & Oyster Cracker Cafe, and helps pick (and taste!) apples at Sunny Slope Orchards. Plus enjoy a special cooking segment making zucchini bread at the Oyster Cracker Cafe.

Connie Jost (1951-1998)

This 9-minute film about Connie Jost was co-produced by CU Maurice River and NJN as a tribute to this local artist. Connie’s work was greatly influenced by the marine resources of our area; despite its whimsical nature it carried a serious environmental message about the state of marine conservation. A member of CU Maurice River, when she passed away after a battle with cancer the group decided to create a memorial scholarship in her honor. The program seeks to identify, each year, a young individual who is interested in the environment and wishes to pursue a career in the arts. To read more about Connie click here.