Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

We have well over 200 volunteers who contribute countless hours to CU Maurice River. In fact, well over 10,000 hours are accumulated each year. There are so many ways to get involved and our needs are so very diverse. We have habitat projects in which folks do trail work, make nesting boxes, plant trees, put up osprey platforms, and the like. Gardeners get involved in many ways, too: planting trees, native gardens, and educating others about the hazards of exotic plants. Knowledgeable naturalists help people to appreciate nature on walks. Many retired teachers find their niche in our youth programs such as Wild About Cumberland, YMCA Camp Merrywood’s Connect with Nature, Elevate, Pledge to Fledge, and at festivals where they turn hundreds of kids on to nature. We also have a group of trained Ambassadors who represent CU at numerous festivals. Citizen scientists collect biota samples for contaminant-testing to learn more about the health of our waterways. Many members observe wildlife for various state projects like the State’s eagle recovery program. Folks who like to cook help prepare meals for the Shorebird Recovery Team for the month of May, or help with our fundraisers such as the Chili Bowl. Artistically-talented members get involved in countless ways: they lead CU-Paint-A-Landscape, help with graphics, donate fine crafts to our annual auction, and we even have an art scholarship. There are hardly any skills that we don’t at one time or another need, be it teachers, builders, architects, landscapers, biologists, ornithologists, entomologists, nurses, business leaders, proof readers, writers, GIS specialists, cartographers, bankers, investors, designers, orators, hunters, trappers, skippers, boaters – you name it, there will at some point be a need. We are a community of interesting people and our interests intersect continually.

In today’s microchip-driven world, people have become more and more disconnected from nature. CU Maurice River continues to work hard to maintain natural connections and bridge that ever-widening gap. And it seems like, at least some of the time, we succeed. It is our volunteers who do the colossal effort of making these wondrous connections for the community. Ultimately, it enriches the lives of our volunteers and those we serve.

Want to Get Involved? (For New Volunteers)

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    At CU Maurice River we are very fortunate to have a proactive volunteer body. This is what has made our organization what it is today. Much of our success is due to our members’ drive and expectations. If we work together as a team, our success will be yours and your success ours. Again, we thank you for taking time out of your day to complete this survey and for helping us be the organization you want us to be. If you are not yet a member we welcome your membership. Simply click here to join our ranks.

    You may also download the form here.

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