Central to our mission is fostering an appreciation of the region known as Down Jersey. It has been clinically proven that a walk in nature has a positive effect on one’s mental health. Thus CU hosts numerous excursions throughout the year. One format is called Tuesdays on the Fly. We meet at a pre-arranged point and carpool to local environs. Most of our walks have a theme or emphasis that helps to build a greater knowledge of natural history or explores facets of stewardship techniques. In addition, CU Saturdays are offered at least ten times a year. These are intended to introduce participants to local places of interest that are open to the public ie. parks, wildlife management areas, trails, vistas, historic societies, gardens, and the like. River or lake paddles are also part of our programming. These outings are leisurely and folks are relaxed. We explore flora and fauna and discuss aspects of what we observe. Camaraderie is a key component of each event.

CU Maurice River has helped a number of organizations to maintain or create trails, partnering on the following projects:

WheatonArts and Cultural Center Nature Trail

Cumberland Guidance Center Serenity Trail</>