Water Resources

The Maurice River is within NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection's Watershed Management Area (WMA) 17

The Maurice River is within NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection’s Watershed Management Area (WMA) 17. This report is a characterization current water supply, usage and recommendations for each WMA in the state. Page 205 focuses on the WMA 17.

Download this free book: 1894 Geological Survey of NJ Report on Water Supply

Contains material on laws which govern stream flow, rainfall, evaporation, ground storage, surface storage, surface or flood flows and analyzes the data obtained from gauging.

One of the greatest long-term effects on streamflow is groundwater withdrawal. This USGS study simulates the effects of groundwater withdrawal in the Maurice River Basin, and forecasts the effects on surface water flow in the northernmost parts of the river. (pdf download)

For canoe trip in the nontidal Upper Maurice River:
USGS Maurice River Station
Real time flow data from the USGS’s Maurice River station at Norma, NJ. You may wish to browse the USGS site further it has endless information on the earth’s happenings. (http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nj/nwis/uv?01411500)