Above is a short video clip of banding Osprey chicks, from the NJN film - Down Jersey. This segment is narrated by prominent wetlands scientist John M. Teal, Ecologist, Scientist Emeritus, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.
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This NJN (New Jersey Network) film explores the portions of Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem Counties that constitute the Delsea Region of the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route. Quaint villages, extensive salt marshes and winding tidal creeks, vegetable farms and fruit orchards, and occupations such as fishing, glass blowing, and boat building all combine to create the distinctive cultural landscape of South Jersey along the Delaware Bay.

The half-hour "Down Jersey" film evolved from a special study of the region by the National Park Service that looked at the 300-year history of the interrelationships between man and nature. Unlike many other areas of the country, New Jersey's Delaware Bayshore (NPS Coastal Heritage Trail) retains the character of an earlier time, and people continue to rely extensively on livelihoods related to local natural resources. Enjoy the flavor of the region in the words of those who live here - artisans, fishermen, boat builders, farmers, naturalists, and historians. Join them as they share the pride they have in their surroundings and their hopes for the future preservation of this important but fragile cultural landscape. Citizens United and the National Park Service hope that through increased awareness and appreciation, each of us can make a contribution toward maintaining the unique character of this area for future generations.

The film was produced by emmy award winning producer Louis Presti.

Citizens United has provided the film, Down Jersey to many libraries, schools, planning boards and the like in connection with our continuing Maurice River Watershed Awareness Program. We provide a video version of the film to new members for a $50. contribution (they must notify us they want the video).

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Documentaries Co-Produced by Citizens United and NJN:

Down Jersey

Bayshore Artists: Celebrating Our Sense of Place

Constance Jost 1951-1998

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