How to use:
The Maurice River Reaches Map is easy to interact with the simple controls and features provided.
Listed below are the key features and descriptions of how they can be utilized.

Working with the controls
The map is fully draggable. Simply click anywhere on the map and begin dragging your mouse to move the map to specific areas.
move up click to navigate the map "up".
move down click to navigate the map "down".
move left click to navigate the map "left".
move right click to navigate the map "right".
zoom in click to "zoom in" for a closer look.
zoom in click to "zoom out" to back away from the map.
default map setting click to get back to the "default" map setting.
red buoy click to learn more about that reach.
Maurice River Recollections Project
River Reaches
Debra A. Barsotti
Research Journalist
Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River
and Its Tributaries, Inc.

The Maurice River Reaches Project
Red Barn
Reach #6

Julie Smalley and Richard Weatherby had some knowledge of a barn on the upper reaches of the Maurice River.

Weatherby said that on the eastern shore of the Maurice River, "north of the boat ramp, there was a little farm there, just below where Foster, Kerr Glass, Armstrong, all of those factories were." He wondered if this was the site of a barn and the origin of the name of this reach.

Smalley recalled that it was bit "run down.".