How to use:
The Maurice River Reaches Map is easy to interact with the simple controls and features provided.
Listed below are the key features and descriptions of how they can be utilized.

Working with the controls
The map is fully draggable. Simply click anywhere on the map and begin dragging your mouse to move the map to specific areas.
click to navigate the map "up".
click to navigate the map "down".
click to navigate the map "left".
click to navigate the map "right".
click to "zoom in" for a closer look.
click to "zoom out" to back away from the map.
click to get back to the "default" map setting.
click to learn more about that reach.
Maurice River Recollections Project
River Reaches

Reaches Project
Welcome to Citizens United’s River Recollections Project. This effort was begun in 2002 and is an ongoing undertaking. It is part of a larger project including live campfire recollection events, documentaries, presentations and archives held by the organization.

There are two major components that make up the presentation: first, a narrative on each reach, and second, a series of interviews in which individuals relayed information on that reach and, often, on other reaches as well. Start your journey by clicking on a buoy to find out more details regarding any reach. The name of the reach will be displayed in a pop-up bubble and you can select the "Narrative" about it or choose from a series of recollections relayed by various people regarding the reach. These recollections reappear again on other reaches that they also address. There are so many interconnections that the web presentation lends itself to a travel through time and space. (more)