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Additional Activity Ideas for
Down Jersey Maritime History

By Jeanne Doremus and Dale Rosselet
and all others involved in this project

Write an essay on the history of one of the oyster towns (Bivalve, Shellpile, Port Norris, Mauricetown).

Design a flow chart/diagram showing the oyster harvest process from gathering to packaging.

Build a scale model of an oyster boat, or other traditional craft.

Create a diorama of an ecologically accurate oyster bed.

Collect oyster recipes and compile a recipe book. Can also collect recipes for clams, crabs, fish, etc.

llustrate four types of ships built along the Maurice and Cohansey Rivers.

Create a time line illustrating the effect of oystering on the Down Jersey economy.

Investigate the changes in transportation and demonstrate the impacts of these changes on traditional maritime activities.

Investigate the carrying capacity of the region: Look at impacts on the environment (i.e. caviar, oysters, etc.).

Visit the Bayshore Discovery Project/Museum.

Compose a sea chanty (a traditional maritime song).

Draw a map of the Delaware Bay and mark the lighthouses and channel buoys.

Create a time line tracing the technological changes in navigation.

Choose a creative writing project –– a poem, a short story, etc., around the maritime history theme.

Investigate the maritime history of your home town. Are there any ties to the water, the estuary that helped in the settlement of your home town?

The Delaware Bay Oyster and the MSX Problem (Teacher Reasource) (PDF)