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Garden State Preservation Trust (GSPT)

Dear Editor:

New Jersey is a leader in open space preservation, but if we do not act quickly, our Garden State risks becoming the Concrete State.  The Officers and Trustees of Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River and Its Tributaries, Inc. find this an unacceptable state of affairs and urge your support for strengthening and renewing the Garden State Preservation Trust (GSPT).

GSPT has been the funding vehicle for open space acquisition through programs like Green Acres and Farmland Preservation.  It is anticipated that this year the Trust's cupboard will be out of the green stuff—dollars that is!  The citizens of NJ must act now or we will be unable to create any new recreational areas or preserve natural and historic areas.

Recently our voters supported dollars for capital improvements.  But that does not address acquisition or the costs of operation which are critical to visitor enjoyment.

To adequately address these needs, we need $225 million a year for acquisition, $100 million a year for capital projects, and $56 million a year for operations. The acquisition and capital funds could be provided by bonding an annual dedicated stream of approximately $150 million.

This level of funding would address maintenance, the need for urban area parks, and continuance of natural areas, all of which are currently short-changed.  Clean air, clean water and places to enjoy the great out-of-doors can't be taken for granted.  Please let your state legislative representatives know you value NJ's natural treasures.

Jane Morton Galetto
President, Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River and Its Tributaries, Inc.

Opportunties, Press Releases, Positions

Dear Members and Friends,

The Mid Atlantic Recycling Technologies, Inc. is filing for a significant expansion of their operations. They have been repeatedly fined by the DEP. CU does not support permiting a company which does not comply with their present permits. Click to read our formal comment on their permit application. Numerous environmental organizations are objecting to granting a permit.

Jane Morton Galetto

Testimony Vineland Planning Board Re: Master Plan - April 28, 2008

New Jersey Motor Sports Park: In November of 2005 Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River and it Tributaries, Inc., NJ Audubon Society and the Association of NJ Enviromental Commissions signed a consent agreement that gives levels of protections to the community and to wildlife. Accomplished was a promise of 100 acres of wetlands, a stipulation that racing end at sunset, a sound barrier between future tracks involving an oval and ATV facility. Other details can be read on line in this document.

Statement on the Extension of Route 55- Prepared March 2003

Testimony Millville Planning Bd. Objecting to Redevelopment of Millville Airport Industrial Pk.

Letter to Editor Objecting to Redevelopment of Millville Airport Industrial Pk.

Open Space Statement March 2002

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