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Citizens United and Involved!

Members of Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River and Its Tributaries, Inc. (CU) are involved in a wide variety of projects and activities that cover all aspects of watershed protection. We are committed to our mission of preservation and protection, and we focus our activities on achieving these goals. For a more in-depth look at our activities, click here (pdf).

CU members take time to enjoy the resource that they protect, be it birdwatching, hikes, kayak trips, or organizing and participating in festivals. One of our most popular festivals is the Cumberland County Eagle Festival, which is followed by our annual Chili Bowl. Why not check out our downloadable Chili cookbook?

Citizens United is a volunteer, nonprofit corporation dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Maurice River watershed for the enjoyment of this and future generations. Founded in 1979 by local residents and incorporated as a charitable organization in 1986, we now number over 430 memberships. The diversity of our membership affords us the opportunity to work in close contact with other environmental organizations, sharing each other’s knowledge and expertise.

We participate in many local, state and national cooperative conservation programs and serve on numerous government advisory and policy-making boards. Our members are also involved in keeping land trusts updated on possible land acquisition projects. View our slideshow, CU Does It, for more information on the many activities of CU.

Citizens United members enjoy continued success in achieving our goals of funding projects that will protect and enhance our natural resources. These successes renew our commitment to educate the public about the area and work toward the elimination of present or proposed land and water uses that could damage this valuable watershed.

Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River and Its Tributaries, Inc. Mission Statement

Join usCitizens United is dedicated to protecting the watershed of the Maurice River and the region known as Down Jersey, thereby enabling current and future generations to enjoy the environmental, recreational, cultural and scenic resources of this Wild & Scenic global treasure.

CU empowers individuals, organizations and neighboring communities to promote the region's enduring well-being and quality of life. CU invites participation and fosters responsible stewardship. CU supports education, awareness, and informed decision-making utilizing field work, research, and advocacy.

Phone: 856-300-5331

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An aerial view of the Maurice River: