Down Jersey
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Down Jersey, the local name for Salem, Cumberland and western Cape May counties, shelters a region of unique communities that maintain a direct link to their past and nurture the natural environment around them. This video explores the environment, history, and culture of this distinct region of southern New Jersey. Profiling individuals whose lives reflect the region, the program examines how residents of “Down Jersey” have managed to keep their traditional work, their cultural heritage and their environmental resources intact after so many years.

Main Text Blue Book
Historic Themes and Resources within the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route — Southern New Jersey and the Delaware Bay: Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem Counties*

by Kimberly R. Sebold and Sara Amy Leach
US Department of the Interior,
National Park Service
Library of Congress, 1992
Historic themes and resources in the NJ Coastal Heritage Trail Route — "Down Jersey." The content for the film and "Down Jersey: Celebrating Our Sense of Place" actually originated from this text. The area is referred to as the "Delsea Region" by the NPS. The back of the text has an extensive list of reference materials.
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Additional materials distributed by the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route

Resorts and Recreation, A Historic Theme Study of the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route*
Sarah Allaback, Editor
Chuck Milliken, Contributing Editor
US Department of the Interior,
National Park Service
Library of Congress, 1995
The Atlantic Shore of NJ: Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Burlington, Atlantic and Cape May Counties not specific to the Delaware bayshore but a publication of interest to anyone studying New Jersey coastline recreation.
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From Marsh to Farm, the Landscape Transformation of Coastal New Jersey*
by Kimberly R. Sebold
US Department of the Interior,
National Park Service
Library of Congress, 1991
A history of dike farming in the Delaware bayshore region. Covers the following topics: biology of salt marshes, diking methods, economics of land reclamation, salt hay farming, meadow companies and cranberries.
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* The above three publications are available for loan from county, town and school libraries within the NJ Coastal Heritage Trail Route. They can be acquired from the NJ Coastal Heritage Trail Route, PO Box 568, Newport, NJ 08345, telephone 856-447-0103, for a donation of approximately $7 each.

Other reference books and materials to explore

Barefoot Escape on the Underground Railroad
by Pamela Duncan Edwards
Scholastic Inc., New York, Copyright 1997
This book gives a moving account of a young escaped slave’s first night on the run. It is artistic and indirect in conveying his plight. Since it is extremely short and provocative (5–10 minutes) it allows plenty of time to converse about aspects of the Underground Railroad. The last page gives an historic explanation of events in the story. The book is simplistic, yet creative enough to be used at various age levels. (J)

Birding Guide to Cumberland County, NJ
This booklet is available from Cumberland County Department of Planning and Development, telephone 856-453-2175.
Provides directions to and describes many locations for birding in Cumberland County. Many locations are on the bayshore.

Bridges to the Natural World
New Jersey Audubon Society
Available from NJ Audubon, Director of Conservation and Education, PO Box 693, Bernardsville, NJ 07924, telephone 908-766-5787.
A natural history curriculum designed for teachers. Students learn about the main habitat types in NJ. They may also work on field trips using a passport that shows they have been to all the habitat types. Used internationally.

Cape May County Historical and Genealogical Society in Cape May Court House is open to visitors, educators, and researchers. Contact the Society at 609-465-3535.

Charles Ayars Postcard Collection
Salem County Historical Society, Salem, NJ. Contact the Society at 856-935-5004.

Charting a Course for the Delaware Bay Watershed
by Harriet B. Honigfeld
Published by the New Jersey Conservation Foundation
Copyright 1997
170 Longview Road, Far Hills, New Jersey 07931-2623,
telephone 908-234-1225
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 97-92685
Gives a wonderfully brief summary history about what makes the Delaware Bayshore internationally significant, both in the forward by Pete Dunne and the first chapter. The later chapters go into specific characterizations of the various tributaries and strategies for sustainability. It outlines conservation steps for maintaining and planning greenways. Its specific focus on the New Jersey Bayshore makes it an excellent tool to accompany the "Down Jersey: Celebrating Our Sense of Place" teachers’ packet. It enables participants to make the final step — becoming an active steward.

Colonial and Old Houses of Greenwich
by Bessie Ayars Andrews
Printed for the author, 1907
Colonial architecture of Greenwich, New Jersey. Available as reference at Millville and Vineland Public Libraries.

Commercial Township "Ecotourism Guide"
Produced by the Commercial Township Environmental Commission, this brochure may provide ideas for places to explore. A way to get the family involved. Call 856-785-1484.

Cumberland County and South Jersey During the Civil War
by Isaac Nichols
199? Reprint of first edition. First published in 1907 as Historic Days in Cumberland County, New Jersey, 1855–1865. Publisher: R. Lacovara
A history of the Civil War involvement of Cumberland County and South Jersey including many photographs of the soldiers circa 1855–1865.

Cumberland County Historical Society
Buildings and library in Greenwich are open to visitors, educators and researchers. Call the Society’s museum at 856-455-4055 or library at 856-455-8580 for hours and information.

Dallas Ferry on the Wahatquenack
by Margaret Louise Mints
Harry’s Printing Service, Port Norris, Copyright 1964
Pamphlet on Port Norris, based on legend and fact. No. 2 in a series prepared for Cumberland County Historical Society tercentenary in 1964.

The Delaware Estuary: Rediscovering a Forgotten Resource
Tracey L. Bryant and Jonathan R. Pennock, Editors
University of Delaware, Sea Grant College Program, Copyright 1988
This book provides many aspects of the geology, biology and cultural history of the Delaware Bay from the time of the Lenape Indians to the present.

Directory of the City of Salem, New Jersey
Salem, NJ, Smith & Bell, 1882. Available as a reference at the Salem County Historical Society.

Discover Nature at the Seashore; Things to Know and Things to Do
by Elizabeth P. Lawlor
Stackpole Books, Copyright 1992
This book looks at the plant and animal species that can be found at a number of beach types including the salt marsh, mudflats and the sandy beach. For each type of shore habitat, there are drawings and discussions of a variety of plants and animals.

Down Jersey: Folks and Their Jobs, Pinebarrens, Salt Marsh and Sea Islands
by Cornelius Weygandt
Books About New Jersey, Copyright 1980
Provides beautiful descriptions of life in Southern New Jersey from the Pine Barrens to the Jersey Shore.

The Down Jerseymen
by Lloyd E. Griscom
Main Line Press, Palmyra, NJ, Copyright 1963
Chapter 5 contains primarily biographic references to early New Jersey men, 1649–1945. References early glass houses of Cumberland Co.

Estuaries; Where Rivers Meet the Sea
by Laurence Pringle
Macmillan, Copyright 1973
Introduces in text and photographs the physical characteristics and plant and animal inhabitants of one of the earth’s most valuable ecosystems –– the estuary. (J)

The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Eastern United States
by Janine M. Benyus
Simon & Schuster, Copyright 1989
Suitable for classroom use, this provides line drawings and discussions of a variety of habitats ranging from sandy beaches and dunes to the salt marsh and a variety of forest types.

Fond Memories
Compiled by Eleanor Zane
Pennsville Township Historical Society,
Copyright 1998
Thoughts and photos from the employees of Riverview Beach Park. Contains oral histories and reminiscences about Riverview Beach Park in Pennsville, NJ. The book is available from Pennsville Township Historical Society, 86 Church Landing Road, Pennsville, NJ 08070.

Fond Recollections
by David A. Fogg
Hancock’s Bridge, NJ Lower Alloways Creek Township, Copyright 1998.
Contains a collection of historic photographs.

Get On Board: The Story of the Underground Railroad
by James Haskins
Scholastic, Copyright 1993
Discusses the Underground Railroad: the secret, loosely organized network of people and places that helped many slaves escape north to freedom. (J)

Hawks in Flight
by Pete Dunne, David Sibley, and Clay Sutton
Houghton Mifflin Company, Copyright 1988
This book takes a holistic approach to identifying hawks based on flight style, behavior, field markings, and their overall relationship to the environment. It is especially helpful for aging and identifying the eagles of the bayshore.

An Historical Account of the First Settlement of Salem
by Robert G. Johnson
Philadelphia, PA 1839 (reprint, 1991) Available as reference at the Salem County Historical Society.

Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey
by John W. Barber and Henry Howe
S. Tuttle, New York, 1844 (and subsequent editions)
A standard, early history including all counties in the subject region of "Down Jersey: Celebrating Our Sense of Place," town descriptions and woodcuts.

Historic Walking Tour of Millville, New Jersey
A pamphlet developed by the Millville Development Corporation, available from the Millville Chamber of Commerce, 25 E. Main St., Millville, NJ 08332, telephone 856-825-2600.

Historic Bridgeton, New Jersey Walking Tour
Bridgeton –– Cumberland Tourist Association: telephone 856-451-4551, voice mail #451-4802, or 800-319-3379 –– funded by the UEZ.
New Jersey’s largest historic district. Illustrations of 20 buildings provided by Robert S. Watson and the Cumberland County Department of Planning and Economic Development.

History of the Early Settlement and Progress of Cumberland County, New Jersey; and of the Currency of this and the Adjoining Colonies
by Lucius Q. Elmer
George F. Nixon, Pub., Copyright 1869
Traces the early history of Cumberland County prior to 1869.

A History of Mauricetown: A Sea Captains’ Village
by John and Diane Smith
Apparently published by the authors, Copyright 1985
Available as a reference book only. Millville, Bridgeton, Cumberland County, Salem, Collingswood and Cherry Hill Public Libraries all show copies.

The History of New Jersey
by Thomas F. Gordon
Trenton NJ: Daniel Fenton, Copyright 1834 (available in reprint)
Contains early 19th century town descriptions for all counties in the subject region of "Down Jersey: Celebrating Our Sense of Place."

How Dear to My Heart
by William B. Vanneman
Hancock’s Bridge, NJ –– Lower Alloways Creek Township, Copyright 1976.
Contains a collection of historic photographs.

Images of America — Bridgeton, In and Around the Old County Town
by Bill Chestnut
Arcadia Publishing, Copyright 1996
A pictorial history of Bridgeton with brief captions of explanation. Many photos depict themes in the "Down Jersey: Celebrating Our Sense of Place" curriculum.

Images of America –– Cape May in Vintage Postcards
by Don and Pat Pocher
Arcadia Publishing, Copyright 1998
A pictorial history of Cape May with brief captions of explanation. Many photos depicting themes in the "Down Jersey: Celebrating Our Sense of Place" curriculum.

Images of America: Millville
by Nancy Van Doren James
Arcadia Publishing, Copyright 1998
A pictorial history of Millville with brief captions. Many photos depicting themes in the "Down Jersey: Celebrating Our Sense of Place" curriculum.

The Indians of New Jersey
by Gregory Evans Dowd
New Jersey Historical Commission, Dept. of State, Copyright 1992
Discusses the history of the Delaware Indians.

Iron in the Pines
by Arthur D. Pierce
Rutgers University Press, Copyright 1957
Traces the history and importance of the iron industry and trade in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

The Jersey Devil
by James F. McCloy and Ray Miller Jr.
Middle Atlantic Press, Copyright 1976
Examines the many stories and folklore about the legendary “Jersey Devil.”

"The King Crab Fisheries In Delaware Bay,"
pages 113–119 in New Jersey State Museum –– Mammals of New Jersey
Report of the New Jersey State Museum, 1907
Interesting article on the horseshoe crab and the harvest written by famed naturalist Witmer Stone.

Kirkbride’s New Jersey Business Directory
Stacy B. Kirkbride, Jr.
Trenton, NJ, published by author, 1850
One of the earliest directories for the state and includes all counties in the National Park Service, Delsea Region study area.

The Lenape or Delaware Indians
by Herbert C. Kraft
Seton Hall University Museum,
South Orange, NJ 07079, Copyright 1991
Excellent pamphlet on the Lenape Indians for children. This can be relied on for accuracy; many children’s books on local Indians are contrived. (J)

The Lenape or Delaware Indians; The Original People of New Jersey, Southeastern New York State, Eastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware and Parts of Western Connecticut
by Herbert C. Kraft
Seton Hall University Museum,
South Orange, NJ 07079, Copyright 1991
An excellent, well illustrated resource on the Lenape Indians. (J)

Living Resources of the Delaware Estuary
Louise E. Dove and Robert M. Nyman, Editors
The Delaware Estuary Program, 1995
This 530-page publication reviews many of the important plant communities and animal species that inhabit the Delaware Estuary from phytoplankton and invertebrates like insects, oysters, and horseshoe crabs to fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

Map of the Counties of Salem and Gloucester, NJ
Stansbie, Keily & Rea, Philadelphia, PA, 1848
Available as a reference at the Salem County Historical Society.

Map of the Vicinity of Philadelphia and Camden
Stone & Pomeroy, Philadelphia, 1861.
This map includes all of Salem County and some detailed inset town maps with business directories. Available as a reference at the Salem County Historical Society.

The Lower Maurice River Resource Identification Project
Prepared by Natural Lands Trust
Hildacy Farm, Media, PA, June 1993
Funded by Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and McLean Contributionship.

Maurice River Memories, Cumberland County, New Jersey 1937-1947
Joseph S. Reeves
Gateway Press, Inc., Copyright 1993
Memories of a teenager’s river life from 1937–1947. The Reeves family has long been a name recognized as synonymous with river life in Mauricetown, NJ. Recollections include railbird hunting, trapping, net making, swimming, WWII training flights, live fish boxes and haul seining, carp, shad and sturgeon fishing. Available from the Mauricetown Historical Society. Contact Irene Ferguson 856-785-1137 or Edna Creet 856-785-1391.

Maurice River Town
by Herbert W. Vanaman
Cumberland County Historic Society, Copyright 1976
An historical and genealogical review of the Maurice River area containing many unpublished records of interest to historians and genealogists (especially Port Elizabeth).
Mauricetown Historical Society building and library open to educators and researchers by appointment. Contact librarian Edna Creet: 856-785-1391, or Irene Ferguson: 856-785-1137.

Millville Glass: The Early Days
by Virgil S. Johnson
Delaware Bay Trading Co., Copyright 1971
Traces the historical development of the glass industry in Millville, N.J. Includes many old and rare photographs.

The Nanticoke Indians: Past and Present
by C.A. Weslager
University of Delaware University Press, Copyright 1983
Investigates the history of the Nanticoke Indians.

New Jersey Audubon Society
Has checklists of the peninsula’s butterflies and birds. They also have a brochure of indigenous species for backyard habitat that include how many bird species feed from each. Contact their Center for Research and Education in Goshen, New Jersey, Cape May County, at 609-861-0700.

New Jersey at the Crossroads of Migration
New Jersey Audubon Society, Copyright 1989
A super overview of the importance of the Cape May peninsula to the migration of birds. Covers a multitude of bird species including the shorebird/horseshoe crab phenomenon.

New Jersey Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife’s Guide to Wildlife Management Areas
Available from NJ Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife at 609-292-9450
Maps out wildlife management areas throughout the state. Possibly some good trip options outside of hunting season. The division also has an educational unit that can provide educational materials on the wildlife of NJ. There is a checklist for NJ’s wildlife — birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians — nearly 500 species. Why not have a contest to see who can spot the most species?

New Jersey Wildlife Viewing Guide
Laurie Pettigrew, Editor
Falcon Publishing, Inc., Copyright 1998
In this publication eighty-seven destinations are included where visitors can observe wildlife in conjunction with the State’s Watchable Wildlife Program. Sites are arranged into wildlife diversity tours.

A New Map of the Town of Salem
by Noah Leeds
Noah Leeds, Salem, NJ 1845
Available as a reference at the Salem County Historical Society.

Old Gloucester County and the American Revolution, 1763-1778
by Robert W. Harper
Gloucester County Cultural and Heritage Commission, Copyright 1986.
Despite the title, this work contains a great deal of material about the Revolution in Salem County.

One Space, Many Places: Folklife and Land Use in New Jersey’s Pinelands National Reserve
by Mary Hufford
American Folklife Center
Library of Congress — Washington D.C.,
Copyright 1986 — doc. #LC39.9:15
A survey of folklife and land use in New Jersey’s Pinelands National Reserve. This report was prepared for the New Jersey Pinelands Commission for cultural conservation in the Pinelands Reserve. An examination of many traditional lifestyles of the pines. It is available from the Library of Congress.

Oyster Cans
by Jim & Vivian Karsnitz
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. Library of Congress Catalog #93-85226, Copyright 1993
Discussion relevant to the preservation of foods. Tracks the evolution of shipment and packaging of oysters. Pictures the many styles of oyster cans.

Passing It On — Folk Artists and Education in Cumberland County, New Jersey
by Rita Zorn Moonsammy
New Jersey State Council on the Arts
Cumberland County Library
National Endowment for the Arts, Copyright 1992
Available for purchase or loan at Cumberland County Library.
A depiction of the fascinating folk arts of Cumberland County. Individual biographical sketches cover the traditional values and contributions of the early emigrants to Cumberland County and their present-day continuance of traditions. Japanese-American Folk Dancer, African-American Gospel Singer, Farm Auctioneer, Estonian-American Painter, Hunter Guide Fisherman, Oystermen, Ukrainian-American Embroiderer, Woodsman — Poet and Quilter. A must read.

Peterson Field Guides
Over 50 different guides to plant and animal species. An excellent tool for the young naturalist. There is also a series of beginner guides published by Houghton Mifflin Co. (about $5 each). Especially nice are the following (J):

    Peterson First Guides
    Moths and Butterflies

A Pictorial Guide to the Historic Buildings of Mauricetown, NJ
Published by the Cumberland Co. Planning Board, 1977
Available from the Cumberland Co. Department of Planning and Development at 609-453-2175. Line sketches of the facades in Mauricetown, fun for a windshield or walking tour (J).

Pine Barrens Legends, Lore and Lies
by William McMahon
Middle Atlantic Press, Copyright 1980
Presents legends and lore of the New Jersey Pine Barrens, an area occupying roughly one million acres. (J)

Pinelands Folklife
Rita Zorn Moonsammy, David Steven Cohen, and Lorraine E. Williams, Editors.
Rutgers University Press, Copyright 1987
A project of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, the NJ Historical Commission, the NJ State Museum and the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. Covers many elements that appear in “Down Jersey” film — salt hay farming, railbirding, ship building, glass making, decoy carving, and many others that could have been included — trapping, cedar logging, etc. Some items are clearly out of the “Down Jersey” boundaries yet relevant.

Resource and Activities Supplement for The Indians of Lenapehoking
by Herbert C. Kraft
Seton Hall University Museum,
South Orange, NJ 07079, Copyright 1985
Overview of Lenape Indians. Kraft is considered the foremost authority on the Delaware River tribes. Contains many classroom activities, has accompanying slide show. This guide contains 28 general, 10 specific classroom, 8 scout and camp, 11 recipe, 8 family, and 8 adult/group activities. Available at many of the local libraries (most have broken up the teachers’ guide from audio visual materials; ask for assistance in reassembling).

Salem County in the Revolution
by Frank H. Stewart
Salem County Historical Society, Salem NJ, Copyright 1967 (reprint)
Salem County Historical Society Museum and library in Salem are open to visitors, educators, and researchers. The Society has extensive photographic holdings accessible through the subject files. Specific collections are always being processed. In addition, the holdings include a number of 19th century folk paintings and drawings depicting Salem County buildings and landscapes.
Call the Society museum at 856-935-5004 for more information or visit the Society’s web site at

Salem Quarter
Salem Quarterly Meeting, The Religious Society of Friends, Salem, NJ, Copyright 1991.

The Scientific Characterization of the Delaware Estuary
by Clay Sutton, John C. Herron, II and Robert Zappalorti
Product of the Delaware Estuary Program, April 1996

Seashells in My Pocket
by Judith Hansen
Appalachian Mountain Book Club, Copyright 1992
Really designed for exploration! Children can learn the names of plants and animals and where they live. The text and drawings make it easy for children to identify the items they find on the beach. There is also a “Sea Searcher’s Award” for the child who takes the hunt seriously. One last note, the book puts the search in an environmentally sound context — encouraging leaving plants and animals in their natural habitat. (J)

South Jersey Magazine
Published since 1972 by South Jersey Publishing Co., PO Box 847, Millville, NJ 08332.
Contains many relevant articles including an eight-part series on the oyster industry.

The Story of the Underground Railroad
by Conrad Stein
Children’s Press, Copyright 1981
Discusses the network of groups and individuals throughout Ohio and the New England states who aided slaves escaping from their captivity during the nineteenth century. (J)

Stories of Lower Penns Neck
by Mary F. Sanderlin
Lower Penns Neck Township Board of Education, Pennsville, NJ, copyright 1965

Thomas Jones Yorke, Jr. Photograph Collection
Salem County Historical Society, Salem, NJ

The Unalachtigo of New Jersey: The Original People of Cumberland County
by Anne Shillingburg Woodruff and F. Alan Palmer
Cumberland County Historical Society,
Copyright 1973
A brief study of the Native Americans of Cumberland County.

Under Sail: The Dredgeboats of Delaware Bay
by Donald H. Rolfs
Wheaton Historical Association, Copyright 1971
Available for purchase at Wheaton Village.
A pictorial and maritime history of the majestic schooners of the Delaware Bay. Incredibly powerful black and white photographs of vessels under sail. Photograph on page 75 depicts a concentration of vessels at the mouth of the Maurice River that is inconceivable today.

The Underground Railroad
Additional information on the Underground Railroad is available through the National Park Service’s Underground Railroad Special Resource Study Management Concepts/ Environmental Assessment report, September 1995. It lists documented sites by state, including the Goodwin Sisters Residence in Salem. Contact the NPS Underground Railroad website at

Warren T. Sparks Photography Collection
Salem County Historical Society, Salem, NJ

by William A. Niering
National Audubon Society Nature Guide
Chanticleer Press, Copyright 1985
This is a good field guide with many color plates of fish, reptiles, amphibians, wildflowers, trees, mushrooms, insects, spiders, butterflies, moths, birds and mammals.

by Lynne M. Stone
Rourke Enterprises, Copyright 1989
Examines the wetland as an ecological niche and describes the plant and animal life supported there. (J)

Wetlands: Bogs, Marshes, and Swamps
by Lewis Buck
Parents’ Magazine Press, Copyright 1974
Traces the development and describes the characteristics of bogs, marshes and swamps. (J)

Where Divided Waters Flow
by Jean Garrison Fleetwood, M.A.
Bridgeton Evening News, Copyright 1964
Pamphlet on the history of Dividing Creek. No. 1 in a series prepared for Cumberland County Historical Society tercentenary in 1964.

The Wistars and Their Glass, 1739-1777
by Arlene Palmer
Museum of American Glass at Wheaton Village, Millville, NJ, Copyright 1989

The Wistarburgh Glassworks
by Arlene Palmer
Alloway Bicentennial Committee, Alloway, NJ, Copyright 1976

The Year of the Crab: Marine Animals of Modern Medicine
by William Sargent
W.W. Norton & Co., Inc., Copyright 1987
Simple marine creatures’ contributions to modern medicine. The horseshoe crab’s contributions to numerous discoveries in neurobiology, the functions of antibodies and the fight against bacterial infections. A number of different marine creatures are discussed including jellyfish and squid. Very comfortable reading for the layman and extremely interesting!

Yesteryear on the Maurice River
compiled by Shirley R. Bailey
South Jersey Publishing Co., Copyright 1977
Published by and available from: South Jersey Publishing Co., PO Box 847, Millville, NJ 08332.
A visual experience/pictorial history of the past on the Maurice River. Photos primarily 1910–1940.
(J all photographs)

(J) = Juvenile or Children’s Selection, that is written primarily for youth or youth friendly