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The purpose of this form is for teachers to share with others interpretive opportunities where they have taken their students on meaningful field trips and excursions within the region called Down Jersey. By registering your special places, you will be providing many others with a unique insight into where to go for valuable field and interpretation activities with their students. Your information provided about these sites may be selected and posted via Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River and Its Tributaries, Inc.’s Web site. Inherent to the philosophy of Citizens United and their Down Jersey - Celebrating Our Sense of Place teachers’ packet is the belief that stewardship begins with an appreciation and awareness of the places we call home. Teachers who take the time to share and visit historical, cultural and natural areas with their students provide a critical link to making learning real and meaningful - it is what instills a pride of place. Please take the time to complete the following form so that we may pass on your knowledge of the region to others who would also like to explore the Down Jersey region. Please only submit finished and complete registrations; Citizens United reserves the right to edit all submissions. A word of apology for the extensive detail requested in the registration form; we are merely attempting to provide the necessary information so that others may enjoy a successful experience on their excursion. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share.

* Disclaimer:
Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River and Its Tributaries, Inc. and its Officers and Trustees assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein. Citizens United also assumes no liability for any injuries, losses or damages that result from participation in any listed activity or trip, nor should any responsibility or liability accrue to the recommending teacher. This information is being provided as a service to interested educators, and it is the individual teacher’s responsibility to verify all information prior to taking students on a field trip. Individual schools/teachers should follow adequate safety precautions and make all necessary reservations and arrangements in advance.

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1. What is the main attraction at this site

2. Which Down Jersey theme or topic is interpreted during a visit?

3. What was your main objective and focus for the trip?

Are there other features/topics to focus on during a visit?

4. Is it a public facility? Yes No

5. Who do you contact prior to visitation?

6. If there is no address or phone, please provide detailed directions to the site.

7. Minimum Time Needed at Site:

8. Are there restroom facilities available? Yes No

If so, where?

9. Is the site handicap accessible? Yes No

10. Is there adequate parking for a bus? Yes No

11. Is there an entrance fee or a per student charge? Yes No

Please indicate if known:

Accurate as of (indicate date)

12. Are food provisions available? Please check those that apply:

Food available for purchase at the facility

There are places to stop enroute (i.e., McDonald’s, WaWa, etc.)

Please provide location:

Must pack brown bag lunches/No drinks available at site

Must brown bag lunches/drinks are available for purchase

13. Are there any equipment or apparel needs? Please check those that apply:

Students should bring a dry change of clothes/shoes

Jackets needed

Insect repellent


Drinking water needed

Special seasonal considerations. Please describe:

Special equipment needed (i.e., binoculars, nets, bags for collecting shells, field guides, etc.) Please describe:

Gift &/or Book Shop available

14. Considerations that apply to this site. Please check if appropriate:

Animal etiquette (i.e., walking on beach during shorebird migration, animal collection restrictions, etc.) Please describe:

Archeological site – NO Digging or Removing objects!

Historical Site – Please describe:

Chaperone Skills Needed – Please describe:

Adult/student ratio:

Advanced preparation needed for students. Any special warning (poison ivy) or lecture (stay off the dunes) needed beforehand? Please describe:

15. For each of the items below, please indicate any lesson plans from Down Jersey – Celebrating Our Sense of Place which apply as well as other activities that you recommend.

Recommended Pre-Trip Activities:

Recommended Activities at Site:

Recommended Post-Trip Activities:

16. We are acting under the premise that you wouldn’t have completed this form if you weren’t recommending this trip to other teachers. That being said, are there any constructive criticisms, suggestions, accolades, etc. that you can offer to make another teacher’s experience more enjoyable and meaningful? Please describe:

Please accept our sincere thanks for your time and effort in sharing your knowledge of our region and helping others to Celebrate Down Jersey!

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