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Additional Activity Ideas About
Down Jersey Natural History

Chart tidal influence of the bay using maps.

Determine the watershed boundaries of towns using maps.

Witness shorebird migration/horseshoe crab phenomenon by taking a field trip and/or encouraging students to do so with their families.

Have students design their own wetlands/saltmarsh ecosystem (or any other locally found habitat or ecosystem). Build actual models –– or, better yet, re-create one on the school property.

Investigate the local impact of ecotourism. Have students design and create a brochure to sell a particular type of ecotourism.

Identify the many regional habitats and have students complete the Habitat Passport/Journal from NJAS’s Bridges to the Natural World.

Create a habitat quilt or tile wall and/or patio/walkway.

Take a field trip to one of the numerous natural areas that exist in the region. Nature study can also be done right on your school grounds!

Develop an advertising campaign slogan to convey the importance of habitats to wildlife ––pick a specific species of wildlife to highlight. Have class do a variety of species.

Trace a map of the Maurice River (or any other tributary of the Delaware Bay) from its source to its final entrance to the sea. List possible sites that could lower water quality.

Create a mobile using a natural history/wildlife theme.

Research and gather information from the NJ Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife, and various agencies and organizations. Set up a classroom library with the materials received.

Organize and have a natural history/environmental fair for your school. Invite the community and involve the parents.

Plan and develop a natural area/wildlife habitat/outdoor classroom on your school grounds. See resources listed in back and activity on gardening from Woods School.

The Green Teacher magazine is a wonderful resource, as is the New Jersey Coalition for School Yard Habitats.

Assess land-based resources and their uses (i.e. clay for bricks, wood for boats, sand for glass, etc.).

Delaware Bayshores Crossword Puzzle (PDF)

New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route Crossword Puzzle (PDF)

Teacher Resource - Delaware's Blue Crab (PDF)