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Additional Activity Ideas for
Down Jersey Maritime History

By Jeanne Doremus and Dale Rosselet
and all others involved in this project

Re-create a tool used by the Lenape. Include an explanation of its use.

Generate a time line of significant events in local Lenape history and culture.

Create a map of Lenape settlements, including the resources that determined their location.

Create a design of pottery used by local Native Americans.

Compose a diary entry of the reaction of a colonist meeting a Lenni-Lenape for the first time (or vice versa).

Write a short story describing the role of women in Lenape society.

Create a calendar showing how the Lenape perceived seasons.

Sketch and explain five herbs that were used by the Lenape for medicinal purposes.

Visit historic sites — create individual geometric designs for a building. Compare architectural styles.

Choose a traditional occupation with ties to the environment. Describe “A Day in the Life of …”

Choose an artistic medium to illustrate a component of.

Create a family time line and history. Trace your ties to the region.

Make a painting and/or drawing of an oyster shucker, crabber, duck hunter, etc., or some traditional waterman at work.

Make a model/diorama of a Lenni-Lenape settlement.

Make a doll dressed in Lenape clothing.

Create a photographic essay showing a traditional settlement (i.e., Bivalve, Salem, Port Norris, etc.).

Make a wampum belt (the purple portion of the quahog [clam] shells) or other decorative item out of beads.

Make a photographic/diagram collage of the lighthouses of the Delaware Bay.

Write an essay/story about the relationship between shipbuilding and oystering in Southern New Jersey.

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper explaining what the average citizen could do to reduce nonpoint sourcepollution of our water.