Polygala mariana Mill.
Maryland milkwort

Polygala mariana
Polygala mariana
Photo courtesy Renee Brecht
Britton & Brown

Botanical name: Polygala mariana Mill.
Common name: Maryland milkwort
Group: Dicot
Family: Polygalaceae
Growth type: Forb/herb
Duration: Annual
Origin: Native
Plant height: 4" - 16"
Foliage: Leaves alternate, simple margins, linear. Bracts persist after anthesis.
Flower: Small green to pinky purple flowers, 3 petals with 2 lateral triangular petals, in a blunt raceme
Flowering time: June - October
Habitat: Dry or moist sand, peat or clay
Range in New Jersey: scattered throughout the Pine Barrens, specimens unknown
Heritage ranking, if any: S2
Distribution: Polygala mariana distribution
Misc. Polygala, Greek "poly" = more or many; "gala" = milk; mariana = of Maryland.

New population found 7/3/10 in Bear Swamp, Cumberland County, by Gerry Moore, PhD, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Renee Brecht, Associate Director, Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River.

The larva of the moth Phytoecia rhomboidalis feeds on this plant, as well as on Polygala lutea.