CU Reporter April/May 2005

Meeting May 11, 2005 6:30 pm
(Normal schedule, second Wednesday of odd-numbered months)
Millville Public Library, Gant Room

Presentation: A River Worth Protecting
By Jane Morton Galetto, Pres. of CU

TOsprey Platform construction crewake the time to explore why the Maurice River and its tributaries are rivers worthy of protecting.  The National Park Service looked at 1.5 million river miles across the country and determined that 2% were in need of greater study for a higher level of protection.  The Maurice River was selected based on its very special cultural and natural resource features.  Join Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River and its Tributaries, Inc.’s President Jane Morton Galetto for a pictorial overview of these outstanding resource values.

Osprey Ready
Well, this has once again been an exceptional year for osprey readiness.  We constructed two platforms for the Maurice River and 10 for Community Energy, which purchased the materials and made a donation toward our coffers for having helped them meet a stipulation of their permit application.  The company was required to erect 10 nesting platforms in Absecon Bay Wildlife Management Area and 5 needed to be in place by March 30th.  Our crew actually got all 10 in place on March 20th!  The group braved some winds and waves in the morning and tide conditions were initially a challenge.  The task would not have been possible without the expertise of our “foremen,” Eddie DiPalma, Dick Goldstine and Peter Galetto.  Dick even made sure that the land crew at Absecon Bay involved the kids, passing along what we do to future generations.  Even the Sea Tow folks volunteered!  The shellfisheries people helped us with topography and suggestions.  Our guide was a fisherman who told us his name was “ I‘ll Never Tell”- and if you look for his name below you’ll see he speaks the truth – as least as true as most fishing stories get.  Suzy Merighi and Renee Scagnelli covered the ever-important task of making sure we ate.

A special thanks to all those who participated in this undertaking;
March 6, 2005 Volunteers (19 people)
Ryan, Donna & Robert Dailey Gladis McGraw
Dick Goldstein Kenny Pacitto
Tony Ficcaglia Jimmy Vertolli
Richard Andrus Larry & Suzy Merighi
Ron Saxon Kathy Moser
Joanne Murphine Steve Eisenhauer
Jane, Peter, & Ashley Galetto Eddie DiPalma
March 20th Volunteers (28 people)
Tom Sheridan Diane Jones
Dick Goldstine Ed DiPalma
Scott Mittlecoff Eric Nemore
Tony Ficcaglia Jimmy Vertolli
Skip Vertolli Robert, Donna & Ryan Dailey
Fred Akers Jane & Peter Galetto
Joe & Renee Scagnelli with children Kristen aka Willow, & Joseph, Jr. Mitch & Nykki Mobus with children Angie and Colby
Susan Hobson Eddie Smith & Adam McLaughin Two Sea Tow volunteers

And  of course “Little John” Navratil (our guide) to whom we sent a donation for the Absecon fishing club which they  plan to use for introducing kids to fishing.

Kathy Clark (NJ DEP Div. of F&W- ENSP- biologist) served as an inspector of the nests’ placement so that Community Energy could be confident that the locations would meet their permit.

River Reach Project – Debbie Barsotti finished the first phase of the project.  This has proved to be a mammoth undertaking and Debbie has been contracted for another year of work.  She has submitted narratives for nearly 49 reaches.  These will prove to be living documents in that more information can be added to the summaries as we receive it.  Additionally Debbie has submitted 20 interviews.  Leslie Ficcaglia and J. Galetto have reviewed and commented on the 49 reaches and are starting the challenge of going through the interviews.  We are finding the information engaging.  As one would expect, some of the information raises more questions than answers and there are lots of things to investigate.  The goal is to be able to post the material to our web site so others can share their memories too.  As new information is uncovered additions and edits will be made.

Sarina DeMentoRudderow Film – This CU/NJN Documentary is really taking shape.  The rough cut has had its first pass.  Louis Presti and Jeff have placed all the footage in a visual story.  J. Galetto has gone though all the interview transcripts assembling a written voice-over for the footage.  Lots of tightening/ editing is needed. Then the NJN editing crew places all the voice-overs with the images.  Narrative will be laid on the gaps, a sound score will be applied, as will credits and the like.  The producers have decided to move the release till the fall, so disregard the aforementioned June 3 premiere and stay tuned.

Sarina DeMento artThe Connie Jost Memorial Art Scholarship recipient has once again been selected.  As always we had a very competitive field of participants.   This year’s award winner is Sarina DeMento of Vineland High School.  We hope you will look for the news stories on this fine young woman.  A special thanks to Tricia Dufford and the selection committee of three local professional artists for reviewing the applicants’ works.

Raceway – Certainly many of you who read the local papers are aware that the officers and trustees have filed a legal challenge regarding the project’s development plan.  Enclosed is a statement prepared by the officers and trustees of the organization.  Trustee Richard Jones who is an employee of Millville has recused himself from any discussions dealing with legal actions in Millville.

New Jersey Canoe and Kayak Trips 2005
Explore the waterways of Southern New Jersey! The ever-popular South Jersey Canoe Trips are back, offered in partnership with Citizens United to Save the Maurice River. This year we are also offering kayak trips, thanks to grants from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and the National Parks Service. New Jersey Natural Lands Trust Manager and CU Trustee Steve Eisenhauer will lead the trips, sharing natural science and human history while introducing you to the public waterways of this area.  Trip dates and locations are listed below.  Sign up early as space is limited.  You will be sent directions upon registration.


Space is extremely limited, so register early; at the latest, please register by two weeks in advance of each trip with Steve Eisenhauer, Assistant Director of Stewardship and Protection Natural Lands Trust.

CU on the River!